Just a couple thousand miles from Japan... ;)
Just a couple thousand miles from Japan... ;)
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Our Story

Japanese fabric silk folding fan kimono
Obi West is a niche women’s label based in Cape Town, established by a collective passion for personal expression through aesthetics and apparel, Japanese culture and aesthetics and an instinctive love and feel for women’s fashion in general.
At Obi West, our aesthetic is inspired by the ethereal, feminine beauty of the traditional geisha and style of Japan ~ not just in design, but in the values they embodied: art, creativity, culture and the mastery of your craft...Obi West hopes to master the look and feel of everything it offers it’s community.
We want our women to have the same confidence in their bodies and their movement as the geisha, who were masters of their physicality. Our bodies are our most important form of expression, they tell a story, they say who we are.
Our kimono are the heart of the label and embody everything we love about the aesthetic of the orient. Each garment is unique to contribute to the element of exclusivity and the fabric has been carefully sourced, curated and paired to contribute to the unique personality of each garment. As our community grows, we hope to adapt and expand the label according to our distinct aesthetic and the desires of our consumer
We aspire to provide a unique, niche product for confident women with a self-assured and dynamic sense of style, while cultivating a broader awareness and appreciation for Oriental (specifically Japanese) aesthetics and culture.
We further strive to be a conscious brand that heeds its social and environmental impact and hope to engage our community in meaningful, relevant and necessary dialogue with the goal of achieving a more positively impactful and mindful social behaviour.