Just a couple thousand miles from Japan... ;)
Just a couple thousand miles from Japan... ;)
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Traditional-Style Japanese Kimono
(haori 'jackets')
traditional geisha in kimono artwork
"Kimono" a traditionally Japanese garment meaning "a thing that is worn"
This evocative garment has manifested itself in many Western incarnations and it's not difficult to figure out why...
At Obi West, our kimono are inspired by the ethereal, feminine beauty of the traditional geisha of Japan in the 1900s ~ not just in design and aesthetics, but in the values they embodied: art, creativity, culture and the mastery of your craft
  • Each garment is unique and made once-off ~ so if one catches your eye, grab it before someone else does!
  • These garments are completely versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways, for all occasions and the beautiful summery fabrics are especially perfect for the upcoming season
  • The fabric and colours of each garment have been carefully curated to express a unique personality
  • All Kimono have been designed and made in Cape Town (support local designers)