Just a couple thousand miles from Japan... ;)
Just a couple thousand miles from Japan... ;)
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Lace bodysuits
Bodysuits seemed a natural companion for our kimono: they are feminine, they celebrate the female form and complement the kimono beautifully when worn together (as day wear or bedroom intimates).
Our bodysuits have been enhanced and adapted to our intended wearer: we have added custom padding into the bust area so that it can be worn as a daytime garment and also to incorporate the fabric of the kimono to create a cohesive line of garments
  • Bodysuits can be worn as bedroom intimates or day wear/evening-wear (paired with trousers or skirts)
  • For the sake of transparency, for the time-being our bodysuits have been imported and we fully intend to move towards a fully local brand once we can source suitable fabrics and patterns to replace these (we hope we have not compromised on quality in this regard)
  • Currently we have stock of four styles of bodysuits - PLEASE NOTE sizing is limited while we gauge the interest of our customer base
  • For the time-being we are only selling our bodysuits in a face-to-face capacity to avoid complications with sizing and returns - please feel free to contact us for further details in this regard
  • Custom-made bra padding/inserts with kimono fabric have been sewn in to each garment so they can be worn without a bra (no awful straps to ruin the look of the garment)


 White Lace Bodysuit Obi West Apparel White lace bodysuit Obi West Maroon Burgundy Rouge cutout lace bodysuit burgundy rouge lace cutout bodysuit  long sleeve rouge bodysuit